What skills would you need a be a event photographer?

To start off with I am a photographer with 10 years experience shooting both small events as well as large conferences in London and the rest of the UK. I am always learning so I would never call myself a ‘expert’. Just a experienced and professional event photographer.

Hopefully this article will be useful for clients and new corporate photographers coming into the event industry.

What vital skills would your event photographer need to have?

  1. I might sound a little bit old fashion…but be able to work your camera in manual is so important to be able to control your camera completely so you know exactly how your pictures will come out
  2. How to use flash…in manual (again)… so your results are consistant throughout the evening
  3. Know when to use available light…

The most important thing which I find vital is to be able to access any situation and know how to get the best possible results. Every venue I work in are vastly different in lighting and general space.

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