Wondering whether a studio headshot vs environmental headshot is the best way to show off your staff? It’s all about how you want your business to be perceived.

When it comes to marketing, having professional staff headshots is a must. These are the first introductions your customers and clients get to your people. So it’s imperative that they show your brand in the best possible light.

I highly recommend going for an environmental headshot over your typical studio background. It’s still highly professional, but has a “real” factor that puts your customer at ease from the start.

What Exactly Is An Environmental Headshot?

Simply put, an environmental headshot is when you’re photographed in your natural working environment. The more common type of headshot features a studio background behind the subject. But an environmental headshot makes for more dynamic photos.

What Are the Benefits of an Environmental Headshot?

An environmental headshot is somewhat less formal than a studio portrait, but it has the advantage of looking real, un-staged, and allows for a bit of personality to shine through.

Generally, staff are also a bit more comfortable in their own office environment. They can be more natural, so there’s less of a “staged” feeling. Happy people equals great photos, which is what we want.

It also gives your customers and clients a bit of context. They automatically feel like they know you, your staff, and your business a little better, having seen a bit of your office space.

So not only are your staff usually more comfortable with an environmental headshot, but so are the clients walking into your company to do business.


Help… I Can’t Decide Between an Environmental Headshot or Traditional Headshot!

That’s okay! Depending on the time and space we have available, I can set up mini studios for both options and you can choose which photos you like the best.

Do You Need to Visit My Office Beforehand?

Not usually. I photograph around half a dozen headshots each week in offices throughout London. Once you’ve seen one, you know what the space usually entails!

I’m more than happy to think on my feet and make decisions about the best place for your photos on the day.

My Office Is Cluttered With Furniture… Is That a Problem?

Not at all. I’m used to working in tight environments, so I have no problem moving things around to get my studio lights in the best position for the most flattering light.


Choosing an environmental headshot can make all the difference to how people perceive you and your business. After all, this is the first chance people get to see you and your staff in a business setting.

If you’re interested in booking more appointments, boosting customer engagement, and leveling up your brand’s marketing, have a look at my corporate headshot and LinkedIn portfolio here.

Then, get in touch so we can arrange to get those top-notch corporate photos of your staff and start showing your business in the best light possible.