Business Portraits in front of a white backdrop

The most popular request for the type of headshots that I get every week is against white. Over the last year I seem to photograph at least one job per week against a pure white Lasolite backdrop. They can be challenging to get right in camera due to the lack of space normally provided when on site (there is always a large table in the way!) but if that is the case the final pictures can easily be corrected in post production.

My clients mostly mention that these type of headshots are the easiest to recreate across the UK or other parts of the world if the client has other offices outside of London.

Having enough distance between the backdrop and the subject is the key to getting a good portrait without the backdrop bleeding into the foreground. During the booking stage I try to make sure that the client understands how much space is required to get the best results. In a ideal world i would have at least fifteen feet in distance but would happily settle with 10ish feet!


Equipment used:

  • GODOX AD200 x 2
  • Sony A7iii
  • Sony 70-200mm 2.8
  • Octa softbox
  • Lasolite backdrop
  • Reflector
  • Laptop