Indoor Headshots That Look Like They Were Taken Outside

Outdoor London Headshot Photographer

I work mainly as a corporate headshot photographer in London and there is always one thing that I can’t control which is the totally unpredictable British weather! Currently we are supposed to be having our hot summer at the moment but the last few days we had showers that left me looking like a drowned rat! So the question that clients always ask me if we have a outdoor shoot planned is what do we do if its rains…?

Depending on the office location and the floor where the client’s office is located on we can always do the shoot inside and do the portraits against a big open window.

Last Friday morning I had a similar situation where it was raining so heavily that I thought we had to reschedule the shoot as I was making my way to the client workplace. Due to the busy work calendar of the people I had to photograph that day we decided to carry on with the shoot and still create the look the client wanted so I set up my two Godox AD200 heads against a fairly big window and I got each person to sit on a kitchen stall with the London backdrop as a background. The shoot went well and the client got all their requested corporate headshots done. And most importantly we stayed dry!

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