Outdoor Portrait Photography In Central London

Central London Headshot Photographer

I alway enjoy the challenge of doing outdoor corporate headshots in London, mainly because there is so much potential for using the capital landscape as a great backdrop. Most of my corporate headshot photography is either in the city (Bank) or in central London so there is always a interesting cityscape that can be used as a great backdrop. These business headshots look both modern and contemporary so they stand out on clients websites and their Linkedlin page.

At the beginning of July I was commissioned to update a client company headshots and they wanted similar outdoor headshots to their colleagues who previously had their picture taken outside.

I had to set up my Godox lighting kit on the third floor of the client office building and I used a stool to get everyone in the same position. I used my large Octa softbox as my main light with a Elinchrom as a fill. Then I shot with my Sony 70-200mm 2.8 tethered to my Macbook Air so the clients could view their portraits throughout their shoot. With the kind of summer that the UK seem to have it was a bit uncertain how the weather would behave itself but thankfully everything fell into place and the shoot went well.