Shoreditch Professional Photographer – Old Street

Being a freelance photographer I have to be prepared to photograph any type of event or a portrait session because every week is very different! One week I could be photographing corporate headshots so my clients can update their company website and then the next week I could be photographing conferences or smaller corporate events. Most recently I was commissioned to take pictures of a opening of a showroom in Old Street. It was a very busy event with a roaming magician and cocktails being made so there was a great buzz happening throughout the night. I spent the evening enjoying people reactions to new the showroom and also the great mixture of different reactions from the magic of the roaming magician!

At the start of every job I try to talk briefly with the client to understand what they need the images for and then I try to aim to get a cross range of varied images e.g individuals, wider busy shots and then details (canapes). Here are a few examples of what I delivered to the client: