Natural London Headshot Portraits

Professional Portrait Photography

Getting a professional corporate headshot for your website or Linkedlin is a great way of staying ahead of your competition. Making your online presence stand out in the right way.

I don’t own a studio so I always go to your workplace or office in London then set up my portable headshot studio within a good sized space in your meeting room or office floor. I would need between 20-30 minutes to set up my battery powered Godox flashes so we don’t need worry about power.

After everything is setup then I would recommend each person have up to 15 minutes to take their business headshot. All the shots will appear on my work Apple laptop so you can view your images as they come in. This is a great way of choosing your favourite corporate portrait and then once everything is done i would go back to the office to do a light edit. Here is a recent headshot against white I did in the last couple of weeks.