Picking The Right Photographer For Your Event

When you Google ‘event photography service‘ then you might be slightly overwhelmed with the range of choice with choosing a photographer.

With so photographers to choose from, making it might to know where to begin!


I would recommend that you spend a bit of time looking through the photographer’s website and making sure that you look through full galleries of their work so you can see that type of work that you expect to get from your conference or special event.

Also, it is a great idea to ask a few of the following questions:

  • How long would I need a photographer for?

Every event is different so it’s best to have a good thing with how long you would need me on site for. I would recommend that your photographer arrives 20 minutes before the start of the event so I can meet the team and have a quick look around the venue.

Just to make sure that I cover all the key moments of the event, I tend to photograph until the end of the last speech or when I have photographed a good portion of the evening drink reception.

  • Do I need to brief the photographer before?

I have photographed a countless number of events, everything from small drinks receptions to larger conferences, so from experience, I would know what shots would be useful for your team. It would be great to get a timeline of the event and also key shots required the day before the event.

It is also useful for having someone on the day who know the key people so they can be discretely pointed out when required.

  • How do I know that you have enough expertise to get the shots that we need?

With over ten years working in the photographic industry, I am able to get good photographs in any situation to get the results that fulfil the brief.

  • The venue is really dark would you still be able to get good pictures? 

Yes, of course, I can easily shoot with either fill flash or shoot with prime lens so I can retain the feel and the look of the event.

  • Are we able to meet before the event to discuss what is required? 

It would work better if we can organise a time to do a Zoom or Skype call but 99% of the time we can do an email exchange to organise the timings and what is needed on the day.

  • Can we get images on the day or as soon as possible? 

That shouldn’t be a problem I can bring a laptop with me so I can either airdrop or Whatapps the highlight pictures throughout the event. Then the rest of the images can be delivered the following day.

  • What sort of events do you tend to cover? 

Everything from PR events to larger conferences.

  • Do you work tend to work alone? 

Normally I work alone but I have a network of photographers that I can use to have as a second photographer if needed.

  • Can you provide videography? 

I can organise videography for your event or conference.

Next steps…