How to organise a Covid safe Headshot shoot?

With people potentially getting back to their workplace with the fast rollout of the vaccines, it’s a good time to start planning and organising a headshot photoshoot for a refresh of the ‘about page’ on the company website or getting some professional photographs for LinkedIn.

The priority is to keep everyone safe, so I have started to put together a plan on how to do headshots safely, whilst ensuring my customers get the business portraits they not only require but are happy with.

Here are a few ideas to organise a successful headshot photoshoot:

  • Everyone has a clearly defined 15-minute slot; enough time to get the best portrait of each subject
  • Shoots will take place outside the office, for instance on a balcony or rooftop
  • I will keep my mask on at all times 😷
  • And finally, I’ll be shooting on a medium to long focal range (so will be at least 3 metres away from each subject)

In reality, here’s what that sort of mobile studio set up will look like:

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