Business Portrait Photography in the UK

I take a lot of headshots every month in London and the rest of the UK. Every brief is slightly different but every client want to come across in the best possible way. Before I pick up the camera and start taking pictures I try to spend a bit of time talking to the person and try to gage how they want to come across. People go a little bit blank when I ask that question but as soon as we mention a few words like ‘approachable’ or ‘friendly’ then it seems to break the tension and we can work together to get something that shows a little bit of that person character. I try to allocate between 10-15 minutes per person so they have plenty of time to get the portrait that feel comfortable showing and will also feel confidence using for their websites or Linkedlin.

I am totally rubbish at multi tasking (my wife will agree with this!) but I try my best to carry on talking during the shoot so people can (almost ) forget that they are having their picture taken which seems to make more relaxed headshots.

Walking straight into a portable studio must be a bit scary! Every week I hear the same words…’I hate having my picture taken!’ but working together and also seeing the results on the laptop can take the edge off having a professional headshot being done. Here all the portraits I have taken this week…