Best Business & Corporate Headshot Photography Setups

Oxford Circus Headshot Photographer

After a few suggestions from other photographers, I have recently started using a second soft-box in the background to use as a white background. Previously I used to use a Lastolite Collapsible background which was great but…a bit awkward to carry around on the tubes of London. Especially during the busy rush hour!

At the moment I am using my Elinchrom 130mm octa softbox for my backdrop with one of my Profoto head. In the future, I might buy (yes another!) soft-box in the dimensions of 60x90cm so I wouldn’t have to do any post-production after the job. Getting everything right in the camera is absolutely key to creating stunning pictures.

I feel this lighting setup works best when you are allocated a good-sized space…so thankfully I had about 15 feet in length for a recent shoot last week. So i could place the Profoto with my octa about six to eight feet away from the main light source and reflectors so there wasn’t any chance of back light hitting the subject.

It proving to be a great setup and more portable which is great for a London photographer!