Draper Hall London Conference Photographer

Bank Conference Photography

I work in Bank every month and I have been lucky enough to work at Draper Hall a few times over the years but every time i go in there i am total awe of the interiors that surrounds the rest of the building. Most passerby would pass the entrance of the hall and not think anything of it but once you step inside the place it is steeped in history. If you are passing I would highly recommend that you pop in and a have look around.

Recently I was commissioned to photograph a conference that was taking place in the Great Hall followed by drinks and canapés in the garden tucked away at the back of Draper Hall. I spent the first half an hour photographing the guests arrival with my Zeiss 35mm prime lens so people could just get on with enjoying the event without having big lens and flash in their faces! The rest of the event I shot with my two zooms lens so i could get a cross range of different pictures that showed the whole of event.

All shot with Sony A7iii cameras and the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 plus the Sony 70-200mm 2.8

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