Corporate Headshot Photographer Tips

If you haven’t booked a photographer to do your corporate headshots before, then it can be a bit difficult to imagine what to look for when you are booking a photographer and also what to expect. It also can be tricky organising all your colleagues to be in on the same day so getting the portraits how you imagine is vital.

I have been photographing headshots in clients’ offices or their workplaces for the last ten years so I have a vast amount of experience in this field.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your photography session goes smoothly.

What backdrop would you like?

  • A few examples I have previously used is a pure white, off white, grey and also an environmental backdrop. I would either organise a paper backdrop to be delivered to the office or bring a white/grey/black pop up the background to your workplace.

How long would each person need to take their portrait?

  • I always recommend that each person get up to 10-15 minutes to get their portrait done. This enables each person to see their results on the tethered laptop and then we can adjust the pose to get the best results for their company headshots or LinkedIn profile

What kind of space would you need to set up a portable studio? 

  • To get the best results ideally I would need 10ft by 10ft without any big furniture or meeting room tables in the way.

Do you need access to plug sockets?

  • No power sources are needed, all my Profoto lighting heads are battery-powered.

What should I wear?

  • It all down how you want your business to appear online.

When do I get the images? 

  • I will have my retouchers lightly edit the final selection as soon as I get back to the office and the final images are delivered within two to three working days.

I hate having my picture taken, would you take a good portrait of me?

  • I hate having my picture taken too but it’s important to come across well online so I will do my best to make sure you are relaxed and we’ll work together to get a picture that you are happy with.

How many people can you do in a day?

  • No more than 40-50 per day. This enables me to keep control over the quality of pictures and also allows me to have a break during the day.

When do you need to get paid?

  • Once I have sent through the images I will send an invoice through which will be payable within 15 days. If the invoice needs a P.O number then I would need to have it before the start of the job.

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