Conference Photography Shotlist

The six images I aim to get…

I normally photograph a London conference every week throughout the year and I always feel its a good idea to have a shot list in my mind of what I need to get during the day.

During the speaker(s) stage of the event depending on the layout of the seating area, I try to get a cross range of different images of the speaker and their audience so there are plenty of choices for the organisers to choose from. I try to make sure that I am not intrusive and most importantly not to interrupt the flow of the speaker during his or her discussion so I aim to keep my movements around the room to a minimal. At the beginning of the discussion I start at the back of the room and get a mixture of wide shots plus images of the speaker from the back of the room. After that I move half way up the corridor of the audience seating areas and work on getting a few different angles of the speaker then the last five minutes or so to the end of the presentation I move to the front to get shots of the audience (e.g the audience reactions plus the Q&A).

I am sure all corporate photographers have a different approach to conferences, but I feel personally having a list in my head is a great way to deliver consistently useful pictures that will be widely used throughout the organisers’ company marketing and their social media.

1.The Speaker and Branding image

2. Closeup of the Speaker

3.Shooting through the crowd

4.The Wide Shot (ideally with the room looking busy)

5. The reactions from the audience

6. The Q&A

All the majority of these images were taken with a Sony 70-200mm 2.8 lens and a Sony A7iii camera.

Next steps…