Baker Street Event Photography

Panel Discussion at Carousel London

This week I spent a Tuesday evening working at a new venue (for me) located bang in the middle of Baker Street and Bond Street. The Carousel London is a great place and I love their lower ground floor venue where I created corporate photos for a small event which included both a lively panel discussion and a busy networking session. When I was finished working I passed the restaurant which had a beautiful simple dining area with lovely overhanging lamps. What a great atmosphere to experience modern food!

Event Photography in Baker Street

With the evening event shoot being a small gathering (there was roughly 50 attendees) I decided against using flash and relied on my Sigma 35mm and 85mm primes to create naturally lit event photographs. The lighting suited the venue and it created a lovely atmosphere for the gathering of guests. Everyone started to arrive early evening to enjoy a glass of red wine or a bottle of beer and the guests had a half an hour or so to enjoy networking and meeting new faces.

After that a lively panel discussion took place for a hour or so. After the discussion ended I spent half an hour photographing the last of the networking then I jumped on the tube to get home.