Advice For New & Aspiring Corporate Photographers

Never shoot an event job without double card slots!

I thought I would never say this but tonight after a event job one of my Lexar XQD cards had a top piece fell off inside my camera. Making that card totally unreadable…. You can imagine how my heart suddenly started to race!

Thankfully I always shoot on both cards and also I shot on a second camera on tonight job. I know it sounds totally naive but I always thought XQD cards were built like tanks…. It seems like everything can potentially fall apart!

Over the last year I had external hard drive fail, also I somehow I dropped my camera and totally smashed the viewing screen (i am clumsy!). Now a memory card has failed… It sounds boring and it expensive but always have backups especially when you have a 9am deadline the following morning and when you are being paid to shoot a job. For a (stupid) minute I did think i might have a go with my squeezers to try and pull out the missing piece of the memory card out of my D5 but in hindsight I better drop it off at Fixation UK tomorrow!

Anyway the job has been edited and the final pictures are on their way to the client via wetransfer. Time for a beer!