Corporate Headshot Photographer

Every week I get invited to my clients’ office to photograph their portraits either against either a studio backdrop (grey or white) or an environmental settling like their office or workspace. My clients have different looks they want to achieve in their final portraits. Some clients have offices throughout the UK so they would prefer having a type of headshot that can be easily replicated across the different offices. Other clients want professional portraits that show where they work which give the final portrait more character. My focus is to work with you on coming up with a selection of shots which suit your needs. All shoots include the following

  • Onsite photography studio wherever your office or workplace is located
  • Throughout the photoshoot I can shoot tethered to a laptop so yourself or your colleagues see their results. Therefore get the best results.
  • Either white, grey or a enviromental backdrop can be setup for your portraits session
  • Online gallery or wetransfer is possible for the image delivery
  • Retouching is available but my retouchers will do a light blemishes removal.

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What makes a great headshot photographer?

Personally I feel a successful headshot photography session is making sure the client in the photograph isn’t feeling or looking awkward. A professional portrait showing three important elements: authority, looking approachable and confidence makes a successful headshot.

I alway say the photography is the easy bit after being a professional photographer for so many years, the more challenging aspect of photographing headshots is getting people relaxed and showing them in the best way In a tight time frame. I want my clients to be proud of their headshots and want them to feel confidence in using their pictures freely throughout LinkedIn or their company websites.

Another important factor in choosing a headshot photographer is making sure they are able to work to a suitable timeframe that works for yourself and your colleagues. I am used to being able to work to clients schedules so there isn’t any unnecessary delays in getting a great headshot done quickly and without any fuss.

Corporate Business Headshots for LinkedIn

If I got a pound for every time a new person comes in to get their headshots and says ‘they hate having their portrait taken’ I would be a millionaire by now. Over the years this has made me realise how terrifying and intimidating it must be and with that in mind I work hard to relax people so the tension starts to go in their shoulders. We work together to get a portrait that they are happy with and want to share with the world. 

Building trust, even if we are allocated less than ten minutes for the shoot, is the most important thing for getting a successful headshot session done. With that in mind I try to spend a bit of time with every client, talking about what they need and want to achieve so that we can get a strong portrait that can be used for years. 

At the same time I am very aware of how busy people are, and I am experienced at setting up a portable studio with lighting so that my clients can walk in and get their professional picture done quickly and they can then get back to their emails and meetings. 

I work alone on location and I’m able to go wherever I am needed. Clients are always surprised how I can set up a studio in any location (ideally in a space at least 10 by 10 feet / 3 x 3 metres) and get professional portraits. Nothing needs to be hired or bought. I will bring all the photographic equipment either by public transport or I can drive if there is parking on site. All my flash heads are battery powered so I can work in the middle of a warehouse without a plug socket in sight. 

Pricing Information

I can either do individual headshots, up to 15 people over one morning/afternoon, up 40 over one day or a large group photographed over a series of days. My prices start from £200 for a individual portrait session to a full day of portrait photography starting from £700.


Do you have a studio?

No I don’t. I always work on location so I would come to your office or workplace and set up my portable studio there.

How much space would you need to setup your lighting?

Ideally 10×10 feet in width and length. Hopefully without a big meeting room table in the centre of the room but I can organise a lighting setup in a more narrow space if necessary.

Are you insured?

Yes totally covered with both indemnity and liability cover.

Where are you available to work?

Anywhere in London or the rest of the UK. I only charge for travel outside of the capital.

Let's Talk.

For a tailored quote you can email James via the contact form. Please include as much information about the job brief as possible and then James will then get back to you within 24 hours during the working week. As a guide to creating your enquiry, please try to include the following information if it is available: Date of job; How many portraits need to be taken or what type of event you need photographing; Length of photographic coverage.

Latest Work

Working as a corporate and event photographer in the city of London, James mostly shoots on location so he would travel to wherever your office is situated or where your event location is. He works to a single business headshot, half day or full day rates, but the longer the photography session, the more cost effective it becomes. James has a portable studio that he can set up within your meeting room or in a general space on your office floor. There is no extra charge for any travel expenses for London photography shoots.