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Professional imagery is a great tool to push your brand or company into the front of the pack. I can provide pictures that will be powerful , also make a strong impression across social media and marketing. Over the years I have worked for companies that needed images for their company brochures and marketing material.

During the communication stage we’ll make a plan on what type of imagery that your brand or company needs. It could be photographing a meeting between your colleagues or you working within your workplace. These action pictures show your employees in action which is a great way of showing your clients the real essence and value of your company.

I have worked with countless PR companies who are developing new brands that desperately need strong pictures that show their new products or are launching a company re-brand. I would be able to deliver images that grabs people attention when they are either scrolling through social media like LinkedIn or the news.

Here is a few bullet points of what included when you hire me to photograph for your company.

  • Great communication throughout the shoot and planning stage so your company gets the imagery they need
  • Fast imagery delivery (I can deliver highlights pics on site)
  • Powerful images
  • Over ten years experience shooting PR & Corporate Photography
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Corporate Photography

A big part of the work I do is for PR companies who often need portraits and group images to help their work stand out. Before booking a job I always have a good conversation with my clients to have a clear idea of what the brief is. We can talk then make a plan and also discuss what is needed so there is a clear brief. Then you can leave it to me to do the rest. We can either do a mock up of what is needed so we can get close to natural as we can or we can shoot it live during the brand launch. Either way you will get great and professional images. 

My other clients who work in the corporate industry need fresh marketing images throughout the year so they can use them for their campaigns. These can be a staged meeting scene or your colleagues in their workplace working their typical work day. 

All these images will be delivered quickly either by wetransfer or a private online gallery. You can email at to find out more information.

Pricing Information

My prices start from £350 this will include up to three hours of Corporate PR photography or you can get a quote for a longer coverage by emailing me at . All coverages will include photography, quick image delivery and great pictures.


How long have you been photographing PR events for? 

Almost a decade!

Can we get highlight pictures straight away? 

Yes certainly, I will bring a laptop with me and airdrop the pictures onto your iphones

Do i really need to hire a professional photographer or can i just use my phone to get some snaps?

You could take your own pictures but I can deliver better results and be in the right place at the right time.

Let's Talk.

For a tailored quote you can email James via the contact form. Please include as much information about the job brief as possible and then James will then get back to you within 24 hours during the working week. As a guide to creating your enquiry, please try to include the following information if it is available: Date of job; How many portraits need to be taken or what type of event you need photographing; Length of photographic coverage.

Latest Work

Working as a corporate and event photographer in the city of London, James mostly shoots on location so he would travel to wherever your office is situated or where your event location is. He works to a single business headshot, half day or full day rates, but the longer the photography session, the more cost effective it becomes. James has a portable studio that he can set up within your meeting room or in a general space on your office floor. There is no extra charge for any travel expenses for London photography shoots.