April 28, 2016
28 Apr 2016

Corporate Headshot in Baker Street

As well as shooting business events, I shoot a lot of Corporate Headshots every week for clients who need fresh portraits for either their websites or Linkedin online profile picture. I really enjoy this side of the business, mainly because it gets me into new places each week and also you never really know where you are going to be shooting so a lot the time you have to work out the best way to get best results. This keeps me on my toes!

I was commissioned recently to shoot a couple of Corporate Headshots. The client needed company portraits taken against a pure white background so they can easily placed onto their website. With the lighting setup I used two Profoto D1s, one as a main light source on my left and with the other light pointing directly onto the white background (hidden directly behind the person having their portrait taken). I also used a silver reflector on the right for fill.

If you need a new headshot you can email for further information.

corporate headshot against a pure white background

April 14, 2016
14 Apr 2016

Fashion and Textile Museum Event Photography

man speaking at a small conference

Last week I photographed a great event at Fashion and Textile Museum for a new client, Integration Awards. I have never shot or visited the building before so it nice to go and do some event photography in a new environment. The museum is a colourful building tucked away in the heart of London Bridge and is a perfect place to hold a gathering or networking event.

Here is the client review on my business page.

“James made time for us on very short notice and turned out to be an excellent choice. He made sure he understood exactly what we wanted ahead of the event, and got us exactly that. He was professional, friendly and took some really great photos that really captured the great evening we had.”

Here are a few more of my pictures… And if you need a event photographer then you can contact me via my contact page.

three people networking and drinking wine.

A young woman talking

Young woman smiling and holding a phone in her hand

a group of people talking and networking.


a man speaks at a lecture with small group of people listening to what he says

a speaker talks and moves his hand

a young woman talks to people in the crowd.


March 22, 2016
22 Mar 2016

Reception Opening photography in the Docklands

During a cold February morning I had one of my regular clients commission me to do photography for one of their clients. The brief was to shoot a reception opening and to take pictures of the vistors interacting with the new house models. It was a fun shoot where I had to get my timing right and also try to get original shots. I shot the majority of the job with my 70-200mm so i could compress the background and have the people in the foreground pop out in the pictures. For wider shots I used my 28mm for more scene setting shots.

Here a few pictures from the morning!

Two men looking at a housing model

A black woman and white man looking at laptops

a group of people talking

four hands on a table with a hand holding a pen showing a design on a piece of paper

People looking at a housing model closely

Two men and a women looking at housing model

March 8, 2016
08 Mar 2016

Royal Festival Hall Rehearsal photography

Last Saturday afternoon I popped over to the Royal Festival Hall along the South Bank, I was commissioned by Jenaviere Moore who needed pictures for her website and her social media profile. She only needed images taken throughout her rehearsal and also a couple of portraits taken straight after the rehearsal so I had just under a hour to get the results! The great thing about the shoot was that I had free rein to move around as much as I wanted so it was great to explore the different angles and I ended up with good range of different pictures.

I have to admit my knowledge of classical music is fairly limited so it was a real eye opener to listen to the extremely talented Jenaviere perform. To put it simply she is a incredible soprano singer! And I would highly recommend going to see her sing.

Anyway here a few images from the shoot.

Jenaviere Moore singing during her dress rehearsal at the Royal Festival Hall

Wide shot of musicians rehearsing at the Royal Festival Hall

Jenaviere Moore resting inbetween her rehearsal and her performance in the evening.

February 9, 2016
09 Feb 2016

Business Portrait in Soho, London

At the beginning of January I had a email from a PR company requesting a quick portrait shoot of one their clients. The shoot had to be done at the start of the day and before any of the client meetings which is great for me so I can get to the shoot location before the dreaded rush hour with all my gear in tow! At the early stage of booking in the shoot and penciling the date in the diary, I always send out two links with examples of either Corporate Headshots or Business Portraits then the second important question I always I ask is where will the portraits pictures will be used. If the final portrait picture will be displayed in a magazine/newspaper or something similar like a online article then I would suggest that we go down the route of a Business Portrait within a meeting room or the client’s work environment. These photographs are a great way of portraying the real character of the client and shows the work environment which can add to the story of a article.

When I arrived at the Soho office I was directed to where the shoot was going to take place but like a lot of offices in Central London the choice of where the shoot can take place can be a little bit challeging visually. We ended up using one of the available meeting rooms in the office building. I always like to have a bit of time to set up a few lights and get my reflectors out. So I quickly decided on starting the shoot with getting a few sitting down shots to warm up and then finished the shoot with the client standing against a neutral plain wall. Due to travelling on the tube I ended taking with my trusty YN560 III flashes and leaving my Profoto lights at my office. Also most of the shoot was shot with 70-200mm at F5.6 I think and with a mixture of my D750 and my other Nikon camera.

Here is one of my favourite shots from the Business Portrait shoot.

Business Portrait in Soho, London



January 16, 2016
16 Jan 2016

Sarah Lucas portrait

During October I was commissioned by a PR company to photograph the artist Sarah Lucas with her sculpture in Vauxhall. The shoot was to be done in the late afternoon so I bought a couple of my Yongnuo strobes to use as a bit of fill.  I was only allowed a few minutes to take the portraits so I came along half an hour before the shoot to begin and set a few lights so I would be ready for when Sarah Lucas came along. In the end I only used one of my YN560 III strobes at a low power at 1/64 (I think!) with it positioned to my left and just zoomed it 50mm.

Here one of my shots from the brief shoot.

Sarah Lucas


December 30, 2015
30 Dec 2015

Corporate headshot against a white background

A few days before I went on my Christmas break I was commissioned by a business company in Baker Street to photograph a few corporate headshots for their company website and other online outlets. The brief was to set up my portable studio within one their meeting rooms and have a pure white background as a backdrop. It always a bit tricky with space when shooting in a meeting room or office because of the amount of office furniture! Anyway within half an hour I was set up and ready to go. Here a couple portraits from the shoot.

If you have any corporate headshots that you need for your company or business then you can email here for a chat.

corporate headshot against a white background

headshot against a pure white background


December 15, 2015
15 Dec 2015

Clapham Opera Festival

Next on the blog is a few pictures from a opera dress rehearsal! At the beginning of December the organisers of Clapham Opera Festival needed fresh imagery for their social media and their website so they asked to photograph their dress rehearsal a few days before the festival was due to start.

I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot mainly because photographing performers like opera singers is always visually great to photograph and the performance was fantastic to watch as well! I had to remind myself to keep on taking pictures during a few memorising scenes during the performance!

I have so many favourites images from this shoot but here is a small selection from the commission.

opera photography

opera photographer in London

photographer of opera

opera photographer in clapham

Clapham South photographer

Clapham photographer

clapham photography

Clapham south photography

Clapham south opera photograph











December 15, 2015
15 Dec 2015

Corporate event photography

During the end of November I was commissioned to photograph a corporate event in Barbican, my brief for the morning was to capture the event in a non intrusive way and to get good shots of all the speakers. Here a few shots from the corporate event.

Corporate event photography

Barbican event photography

Barbican event photographer

Corporate event photography in Barbican

London event photographer

event photographer that shoots in Barbican

London event photographer working Barbican

Conference photography in Barbican

Conference photographer in London

Conference event photography

Barbican event photography

December 9, 2015
09 Dec 2015

Michel Roux Jr. portrait

I am a huge fan of Masterchef and cooking so when Jules from Share Radio asked me along to take pictures of her interview of Michel Roux jr., I jumped at the chance!

Before my shoot started I had a chance to listen to the interview between Jules and Michel which was really interesting. So if you fancy listening to the interview it will be on Saturday afternoon on Share Radio.

As always I only had limited amount of time to get a decent portrait so here is one of my favourite images of Michel Roux Junior.