London Corporate Photographer

As a particularly in demand London corporate photographer, creating professional imagery to push brands and businesses to the front of the pack, is second nature to me. I can provide pictures that will not only be powerful but make a strong and lasting impression across social media and marketing campaigns. Over the years I’ve worked with a variety companies across London who needed a corporate photographer to create images for their company brochures and marketing material.

During the communication stage we’ll make a plan on what type of imagery your brand or company needs. It could be photographing a meeting between colleagues or employees operating within the workplace. Action pictures show your staff in action, naturally, which is a great way of showing your clients the real ethos and values your company follows. I often spend several days or even weeks creating corporate portrait photography for the same company, taking part in photoshoots with different teams, departments, often situated at offices in London or even spread out over the UK.

I’ve worked with countless London PR companies as a professional corporate photographer to develop brands desperately in need of powerful pictures to showcase new products or perhaps the launch of a company re-brand. I’m continually delivering collections of pictures that grab people’s attention.

What’s included when you hire me as your corporate photographer, across London or the UK:

  • Great communication throughout the shoot and planning stages so your company gets exactly the imagery they need
  • Zoom call if needed to discuss in more detail a good course of action
  • Fast delivery of pictures
  • Powerful blend of natural corporate portraiture and storytelling pictures
  • Over ten years experience shooting candid professional corporate photography

Get in Touch

    Corporate Photography London, UK

    The vast majority of my work tends to be for business in London, corporate photographer commissions frequently involve me working with marketing agencies in London needing PR photography, such as a corporate group photo, portrait photoshoot or even a business headshot shoot, to help their client’s work best stand out. Before booking a job regarding public relations, I always have a good conversation with my clients to have a clear idea of what the brief is. We can talk then make a plan and also discuss what is needed so there is a very clear brief. Then you can leave it to me to do the rest. We can either do a mock up of what is needed so we can get close to natural as we can or we can shoot it live during the brand launch – this approach is often best when photographing portraits… either way you’ll get the strongest, professional photographs achievable.

    Professional Corporate Photographer

    My other clients tend to be SMEs needing professional corporate photos for regular marketing campaigns throughout the year. These can be a staged meeting scene or your colleagues in their workplace working their typical work day.

    All these images will be delivered quickly either by weTransfer or a private online gallery. You can email at [email protected] to find out more information.

    Corporate Photography Prices & Packages

    My corporate photography pricing starts with rates of £525 for up to 4 hours and £1250 for a full day or corporate function shoot in London. If you need further information or a quote for corporate photography services anywhere else in the UK, email me at [email protected]

    You might like to take a look at my work as a corporate headshot photographer I regularly work with businesses and professionals across the city. Or perhaps you’re looking for a London event photographer.


    How long have you been a UK corporate photographer?

    I’ve been shooting for businesses for almost a decade! I’m now, gratefully, one of the most sought after corporate, PR photographers in not just London, but the UK too!

    Can we get highlight pictures straight away? 

    Yes certainly, I will bring a laptop with me and airdrop the pictures onto your smartphones.

    What’s the difference between PR (public relations) photography and corporate photography?

    Nothing – they’re both buzzwords used to describe the same thing – creative and professional photography, sometimes business portraits and photos of corporate events and functions for the purposes of marketing and promotion.

    Are there any additional fees, such as travel for your London corporate photographer services?

    No, I absorb all associated travel expenses for any London corporate photography.

    Do I really need to consider hiring professional corporate photographers or can i just use my phone to get some snaps?

    You could take your own pictures but I can deliver better results and be in the right place at the right time to produce the best corporate photography, PR photos, headshots and events.

    Let's Talk.

    For a tailored quote you can email James via the contact form. As a guide to creating your enquiry, please try to include the following information if it is available:

    • Date of job
    • How many portraits need to be taken or what type of event you need photographing
    • Length of photographic coverage.


      For the last ten years, I have been photographing public relations and events for businesses – everything from the photography of panel discussions to larger, more significant events like conferences.

      My business PR and event photographer prices are £350 to up two hours of portrait or event photography, and a £700 rate for a full day of event or PR images. During a typical working week, I usually photograph between 4 to 10 different corporate functions and events.