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January 5, 2017
05 Jan 2017

PR shoot in Canning Town

Last year was one of my busiest years yet with over 88 shoots commissioned throughout the year which haven’t left much time with keeping my website and blog up to date! Anyway during the end of October I was commissioned by a London PR company to take a portraits of Jane Roscoe (Director, London Film School) in Canning Town. As always I arrived 30 minutes before the shoot was about to start and scouted possible locations, I eventually decided on the lovely bright red bridge that crosses Bow Creek which is a stone throw away from Canning Town tube station. With every portrait shoot I try to get a number of different type of shots that includes both wide and tight shots so they can be widely used for media and online purpose.

Here is one of my favourite shots taken from the 15 minute shoot.

portrait of jane roscoe in canning town.

Image taken with a battered Nikon D4, 70-200mm 2.8


May 13, 2016
13 May 2016

My Sarah Lucas picture published in Nine Magazine

Just before another shoot was about to start I was browsing through a few magazines and came upon one of my pictures of Sarah Lucas in the Nine Magazine! On average I shoot a good few thousand frames each month through my event and portrait work. Also I sell a few of my stock images via my Alamy archive so it is very hard to keep track of where all my images finally end up.. almost impossible in fact!

Anyway it is always a nice surprise to see one of my pictures in print! Here are a couple of pictures of the feature and also one of my favourite pictures from the shoot last year at the end of the post.

You can read more about my Sarah Lucas shoot here.



Sarah Lucas standing in front of her sculpture

March 8, 2016
08 Mar 2016

Royal Festival Hall Rehearsal photography

Last Saturday afternoon I popped over to the Royal Festival Hall along the South Bank, I was commissioned by Jenaviere Moore who needed pictures for her website and her social media profile. She only needed images taken throughout her rehearsal and also a couple of portraits taken straight after the rehearsal so I had just under a hour to get the results! The great thing about the shoot was that I had free rein to move around as much as I wanted so it was great to explore the different angles and I ended up with good range of different pictures.

I have to admit my knowledge of classical music is fairly limited so it was a real eye opener to listen to the extremely talented Jenaviere perform. To put it simply she is a incredible soprano singer! And I would highly recommend going to see her sing.

Anyway here a few images from the shoot.

Jenaviere Moore singing during her dress rehearsal at the Royal Festival Hall

Wide shot of musicians rehearsing at the Royal Festival Hall

Jenaviere Moore resting inbetween her rehearsal and her performance in the evening.

December 15, 2015
15 Dec 2015

Clapham Opera Festival

Next on the blog is a few pictures from a opera dress rehearsal! At the beginning of December the organisers of Clapham Opera Festival needed fresh imagery for their social media and their website so they asked to photograph their dress rehearsal a few days before the festival was due to start.

I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot mainly because photographing performers like opera singers is always visually great to photograph and the performance was fantastic to watch as well! I had to remind myself to keep on taking pictures during a few memorising scenes during the performance!

I have so many favourites images from this shoot but here is a small selection from the commission.

opera photography

opera photographer in London

photographer of opera

opera photographer in clapham

Clapham South photographer

Clapham photographer

clapham photography

Clapham south photography

Clapham south opera photograph











December 9, 2015
09 Dec 2015

Michel Roux Jr. portrait

I am a huge fan of Masterchef and cooking so when Jules from Share Radio asked me along to take pictures of her interview of Michel Roux jr., I jumped at the chance!

Before my shoot started I had a chance to listen to the interview between Jules and Michel which was really interesting. So if you fancy listening to the interview it will be on Saturday afternoon on Share Radio.

As always I only had limited amount of time to get a decent portrait so here is one of my favourite images of Michel Roux Junior.



October 20, 2015
20 Oct 2015

Henley Literary Festival author portraits

Last week I did a blog post on the event photography that I did at Henley Literary Festival 2015 where I covered over 150 different events and walked over 45 miles during the 7 days of the festival! In-between shooting the events I was able to spend a bit of time taking portraits of each of the authors that was attending the festival.  The festival itself has so much going for it and there are events suited for every taste that I would highly recommend that you sign up for next year!

As you would probably imagine I took loads of portraits throughout the week but here is a small selection from the festival.

For the photographers who might be interested all these portraits were taken in September natural light with either a 85mm 1.8 or 70-200mm 2.8 lens.


























April 8, 2015
08 Apr 2015

Massage Therapist photography

Jenny recently started a new business being a massage therapist based in Hackney and she needed a few pictures for her website. You can view a few of the images here –


01-16 01-18 01-29 01-34 01-63



March 19, 2015
19 Mar 2015

London actor headshot

Today I had a headshot portrait session with James who is a working actor and he needed a updated headshot for his Spotlight profile. Over half an hour so we shot different expressions and different poses so he could have a selection for his future castings. Here is one of my favourite shots from today session –


All the portraits were taken with a Nikon d750 camera and 85mm 1.8 lens.