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November 1, 2017
01 Nov 2017

Corporate Portrait in the City of London

As well as doing events I photograph a lot of professional portraits for my corporate clients. I am currently offering a number of different headshot services e.g headshots against a grey or pure background but clients also ask for environmental portraits in their work spaces. These are great fun to do and create a number different challenges that certainly keep me on my toes! Here is a portrait taken in a busy hallway using just one Yonguno strobe.

You can view more of my business portraits here

Business portrait taken in london

May 31, 2016
31 May 2016

Outdoor Corporate Headshot

Every now and then I get to leave my (very) heavy lighting gear behind and do a natural light portrait shoot for clients who want a more environmental but professional portrait taken outside their office. I love doing these shoots because you never know what the British weather will have in store for you but also you can use the surrounding area where the client’s office is situated to add to the look of the portraits and make the final shots a bit different.

I experimented with using a reflector as a fill but I decided against using it and just shot wide open with my 85mm 1.8. The shoot took place in the mid morning with a couple hours before the midday daylight kicked in and I used the overcast cloudy light to get a create powerful business portrait. This style of shoots work well for clients who have a limited amount of time in-between their meetings or schedules. This shoot (down below) only took five minutes to do so my client could get on with her busy day and have a online gallery with a selection of new business portraits in her inbox by the late afternoon. All sized and ready to be downloaded.

If you want to do a similar shoot for your LinkedIn profile picture or if you want to get touch then you can email me over here. 


May 18, 2016
18 May 2016

London Linkedln portrait session

At the end of April, I photographed around 30 business portraits for a networking event in Piccadilly Circus, the majority of the final images were later used as Linkedln profile pictures and avatar pictures for their Facebook business page and Twitter page.

I have arrived at the location about an half hour before the networking event was about to start and began to set up my lighting gear. Each person had 5 to 10 minutes to get the shot they wanted so I kept the lighting setup simple so it everything went smoothly without any hiccups. I just used one Profoto 500 head with a medium sized softbox and a Yonguno strobe at a low power behind each person to give them separation between person and the dark background. Then to fill in the shadows I used a large white reflector. If you need new company headshots and want to discuss quotes then please get in touch via email.

blonde lady posing against a dark backdrop

man in a red checked shirt

man with a grey beard and wearing a jacket

man with a blue jumper and smart shirt

shaved head man who smiling with a blue shirt and cyan jacket.

young woman smiling

bald man with folded arms

woman with a red shirt who smiling

smiling man who looks dapper

May 13, 2016
13 May 2016

Business Portrait Shoot in Liverpool Street

Due to a busy few weeks I have been falling behind on my blogging so I thought it would be best if I start the week with a new post about a few business portraits that I did at the beginning of June. One of my favourite parts of working in the photographic industry is shooting business portraits for clients’ online profiles (for their websites and social media profile pictures), you have to think on your feet and work hard to get a professional portrait in a unfamiliar location which can be unpredictable and stressful but always seem to work out! Anyway I was commissioned to photograph a conference in Liverpool Street and during the quiet moments I had to get natural but professional portraits of a few of the speakers. Instead of shooting the portraits with my Profoto heads in the busy conference location I took each person outside for a few minutes and used the (supposed to be sunny summer days!) overcast day to shoot each portrait. I used my Nikon 85mm prime and shot it wide open with the backdrop of the busy streets of London to make the following business portraits.

Here are a few of my favourites shots from the shoot and if you have photographic commission that you need a photographer for that you can get in touch here.

professional business portrait

Business Portrait Shoot in Liverpool Street

business portrait of a young professional woman.

May 12, 2016
12 May 2016

Black and White Business Portrait

Working as a London Business Portrait photographer, I get to shoot a lot of portraits every week which are always good fun. This week I was asked to take a few portraits after I finished photographing a conference at Draper Hall. The time very limited so I focused on getting simple but classic looking natural light portraits using the big windows within the room as a big softbox (all three portraits were done within 10 minutes!).

These sort of portraits work well for Linkedin and other social media that need a professional looking portrait but if you don’t want  your look or brand to look too formal.

You can view more examples of my Business Portraits which shows a range of portraits that have a more environmental look to it and do get in touch if you want to talk more about commissioning me to do business portraits for your company.

black and white business Linkedin avator picture

All the portraits were shot with a Nikon D4 with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens. The camera settings were ISO2000, 160mm, f2.8 and 1/160sec. No flash or reflectors were used to create these portraits just natural daylight.

April 28, 2016
28 Apr 2016

Corporate Headshot in Baker Street

As well as shooting business events, I shoot a lot of Corporate Headshots every week for clients who need fresh portraits for either their websites or Linkedin online profile picture. I really enjoy this side of the business, mainly because it gets me into new places each week and also you never really know where you are going to be shooting so a lot the time you have to work out the best way to get best results. This keeps me on my toes!

I was commissioned recently to shoot a couple of Corporate Headshots. The client needed company portraits taken against a pure white background so they can easily placed onto their website. With the lighting setup I used two Profoto D1s, one as a main light source on my left and with the other light pointing directly onto the white background (hidden directly behind the person having their portrait taken). I also used a silver reflector on the right for fill.

If you need a new headshot you can email for further information.

corporate headshot against a pure white background

December 30, 2015
30 Dec 2015

Corporate headshot against a white background

A few days before I went on my Christmas break I was commissioned by a business company in Baker Street to photograph a few corporate headshots for their company website and other online outlets. The brief was to set up my portable studio within one their meeting rooms and have a pure white background as a backdrop. It always a bit tricky with space when shooting in a meeting room or office because of the amount of office furniture! Anyway within half an hour I was set up and ready to go. Here a couple portraits from the shoot.

If you have any corporate headshots that you need for your company or business then you can email here for a chat.

corporate headshot against a white background

headshot against a pure white background


September 23, 2015
23 Sep 2015

London corporate headshot photographer

During the last twelve months I have been getting more and more requests to do corporate headshots for different businesses throughout London which is great because I really enjoy doing them! All the shoots require a different mindset to shooting events or conferences. It also needs a different type of planning with logistics and making sure the right equipment is taken along for the shoot. Each client has a different brief in mind but it mostly involves setting up a portable studio within a office environment and then shooting the portraits in-between meetings & emails.

For my photographer friends I took these recent portraits with my Profoto D1s and a photek softlighter as a main light source which is much easier to set up than a softbox! I like using reflectors as well so I normally use two or three reflectors to fill in the shadows or shade off the backdrop.

Most of the time I shoot tethered to a laptop so the client can see their portraits coming through and it is a good way of building confidence & trust. When I get back to the office I process the final selection on a carbilcated screen and process/upload the files onto a online gallery where the client can easily download/share their final portraits. The shoot and the post production of the final selection of portraits is normally done within 24 hours if the shoot happens during the working week.

Here is a few examples of what I have done recently and you can contact me here if you need a new Linkedln or corporate headshot …

corporate_headshot_photographer-10 corporate_headshotcorporate_headshot_photographer-4-2







April 22, 2015
22 Apr 2015

Mayfair corporate photographer

Earlier on this week I photographed a series of head shots for Hyde Park Residence on Park Lane in Mayfair. I set up the seal grey background in one of their hotel rooms and put up my two lights after that i was ready to shoot each person for their portrait.

Here is a few of the finals pictures that was taken during that morning shoot.

HPR-9 HPR-11 HPR-12

March 4, 2015
04 Mar 2015

St James corporate headshot photographer

At the beginning of this week I was commissioned to photograph three portraits for a small company in St James and the brief was to have a clean look against a pure white background. So after spending 20 or so minutes setting up the two D1 Profoto lights I had each member of the company pose against my white backdrop. I alway try to work with a laptop tethered to my camera so the sitter can see how they are looking and we end up with a shot everyone likes.

Anyway here are the final results and feel free to send me a email if you have any corporate headshots that you need doing –

business portrait against a pure white background corporate portrait against white background corporate portrait photographer