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I’m a highly experienced and professional London corporate headshot photographer, frequently visiting new and regular commercial clients across the city to produce professional corporate headshots – photography often takes place against a grey or white studio backdrop or an environmental setting like a communal office or workspace. My clients are all striving to achieve a slightly different look in their final collection of corporate portraits, so it’s important for me to be very flexible with my photographic approach.

For instance, some corporate headshot clients have multiple offices across London and the UK and would prefer a consistent style of corporate portraiture to maintain the brand and further improve customer experience online or perhaps increase a company’s profile through marketing strategies. Sometimes this consistency comes in the form of black and white company headshots, other times clients are seeking professional portraits to really showcase the environment that they work in; often giving the final image more context and character. Importantly, final collections of business portraits always adhere to the customer brief.

All business professional headshot sessions include…

  • Onsite photography studio whether your office or workplace is located in London or further afield
  • Live tethering – allowing customers to pick their favourite corporate portrait during the shoot – a process that helps achieve the best, most natural headshots possible
  • A choice of white, grey or an environmental backdrop can be setup for your company headshots sessions
  • Online gallery available quickly with even faster weTransfer file delivery
  • All business portraits can have retouching of light blemishes if required
  • Any London corporate portraits / business headshots in London come free from travel expenses

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    Corporate Headshots Photographer London

    Personally I feel what differentiates the best corporate headshot photographers in London, comes down to who possesses the ability to put the subject at ease. Successful professional headshot photographers should show three important elements in their business portrait headshots – authority, approachability and confidence.

    Creating and taking business headshot photos is the easy bit – any portrait photographer can take a simple head and shoulders shot. I ensure people are incredibly relaxed during their business portrait session. I want to show people in the best possible light. I want them to be proud of their modern business headshots and be comfortable using them on the business website and across social media. They’re a strong promotional tool and I want them to be used with confidence.

    Another important factor in choosing the right London corporate headshots photographer is making sure they’re able to work within suitable timeframes, the last thing you need on a busy working day is a headshot photographer demanding too much of your time. Not only will this make your day more stressful but the anxiety of time slipping away creates will always come across in the portraiture – often the best professional corporate headshots are portraits that photographers have produced within a tight, pre-specified window. There are never any unnecessary delays with my photo sessions – your executive portraiture is photographed efficiently, professionally and in a fun and creative manner. 

    Professional Corporate Headshots – London & UK

    If I was paid a pound every time someone sitting for their professional business headshot photos, whether that’s for companies and corporates in the city of London or further afield, mentions ‘they hate having their portrait taken’ … I would be a millionaire by now! I’m very empathetic with customers and genuinely appreciate just how terrifying and intimidating it must be to stare into the lens of often, a stranger. With this in mind, I work tirelessly to put people at ease and after a few minutes of working in a very casual manner, you can visibly see the tension in their shoulders fade. We work together – it’s a two way thing. Importantly, I always make sure we finish the session of business portraiture with a handful of great headshot images that they’re totally happy with and want to share with the world. As a professional corporate headshot photographer, it is my responsibility to make each session a success – no matter who I’m photographing.

    Building trust, even when we’re allocated less than ten minutes for the entire shoot, is the most important thing for pro photographers producing corporate headshots. With this in mind I always try to spend a little bit of casual time chatting with each subject before starting the shoot and taking pictures. That said I’m crucially aware of just how busy staff and employees are, therefore I’m exceptionally efficient at setting up a portable headshots studio with lighting system so that teams can walk in and get their professional business headshot created quickly.

    I’m a highly experienced, professional headshot photographer, London is my stomping ground and so I’m used to working quickly and under pressure. My corporate portrait photography clients are always surprised at just how quickly a studio can be set up in any location in order to get professional corporate headshots – photographers often go way overboard but it really doesn’t need to be complicated. Importantly, nothing needs to be hired in or supplied, I’ll bring all necessary photographic equipment either by public transport for London shoots, and often car for areas outside of the city. All studio kit and flash heads are battery operated – meaning I can produce professional headshots outdoors, not just in London but in absolutely any location.

    Corporate Headshot Photographer Prices & Packages

    I can either photograph individual corporate headshots (up to 15 people over one morning or afternoon or up 40 headshots over a full day). I also regularly plan large portrait photography sessions of entire businesses, departments and offices over a series of days. There are no travel expenses associated with any London corporate headshots.

    My corporate headshot photographer pricing has a starting cost of £425 for a small group of individual headshot photography session, then a fee £1500 for a full day of photographs.


    Do you have a studio for commercial headshots photography in London?

    No I don’t. I find that working on location when commissioned as a photographer for businesses always produces the best headshots, so would come to your London or UK offices or workplace and set up my portable studio there.

    How much space would you need to setup your lighting?

    Ideally 10 x 10 feet or 3 x 3 metres. Hopefully without a big table in the centre of the room. I can organise a lighting setup in a more narrow space if necessary.

    Are you insured?

    Yes, totally covered by both indemnity and liability policies.

    I’m looking for a professional, corporate headshots photographer near me and my business, how far do you travel for photography commissions?

    Anywhere in London and the rest of the UK – I produce company and business headshots across the city of London and the UK. I only charge for travel when working outside of the capital.

    My latest Creative Corporate Headshots

    Each week I’m hired as a corporate headshots photographer, across London and the UK, for both new and old clients, producing photography of their company portraits – good executive headshot pictures for websites and often professional LinkedIn profile photography. I only work on location so would come to your office or workplace and set up my portable studio. Your colleagues can have their new portraits done with no fuss or significant commitment of time. 

    View my blog for more examples of my previous corporate headshots for company LinkedIn pages and general marketing use, from business photo shoots across London and the UK.

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    For a tailored quote you can email James via the contact form. As a guide to creating your enquiry, please try to include the following information if it is available:

    • Date of job
    • How many portraits need to be taken or what type of event you need photographing
    • Length of photographic coverage.

      Latest Headshots work

      Every week I work for both new and old clients photographing their company portraits so they can update their websites or LinkedIn profile pictures. I only work on location so I would come to your office or work place and set up my portable studio so your colleagues can easily get their new portrait done without any fuss or time loss. You can view my blog for more examples of my previous corporate headshots….