Conference Photography in London


a speaker addresses his audience during a two conference








Professional Photographer providing high quality imagery

Every week James is commissioned to photograph Conference Photography in London and outside the England’s capital. Having a office situated in the UK’s biggest city is brilliant because James gets requested on a regular basis to shoot Conference Photography for old and new business clients. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a event photographer is that James gets the opportunity to create pictures in new places each week. This is a great way to keep him on his toes and at the same time it also it pushes him to create new and fresh imagery for his clients. These pictures end up being a great resources for pushing social media campaigns online and print advertising. If you want to find out if James is available to shoot your conference then you can email James for further information. At every event James shoots he always makes sure that there is a good selection of different types of images to give the client a wide range of useful images for the client’s picture archive.

Each speaker will be will be photographed during his or her speech from a number of different angles and there also will be a great range of shots of the audience taken within the Conference venue so after the event is completed you will have a strong storyboard to use either for Facebook or Twitter.

You can read more about what James’ clients have said about his work on his Google Business Page section.

a small conference at the UCL in Euston

A speaker at a conference


Conference Photography in London by James Gifford-Mead Photography