A little about me

Hello, I'm James, a professional London corporate photographer, specialising in events and headshots.

Talking about myself especially on my own website doesn’t come easy for me! I’d love to just say that I enjoy taking pictures’ and leave it at that.

But with there being so many photographers online nowadays I realise that I should make more of an effort! I could easily talk for hours about the cameras I use but I would send you into to a deep sleep before you got to the end of the first sentence. So I will keep it simple and just start at the beginning…

After spending a few years travelling (Africa, India and South America) I started working in the photographic industry 10 years ago. By assisting other working photographers during this period I learnt a lot about lighting and getting my shots right within the camera – photoshop was a no-no! This was during the film days so it got (very) expensive if I made mistakes!

This experience of working for other photographers was invaluable in learning my craft and the lessons I learnt at the studio are ones I apply to my weekly headshot and event photography commission.

My photography style is documentary and I specialise in photographing events discreetly so that the atmosphere and energy of the moment is captured in my images. I work quickly to edit and deliver every job I do so that you can have images ready for social media and online use when you need them. You can look at some of my previous jobs in the blog section of my website.

If you have any questions or would be interested in a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.