About James who is Event Photographer in London

James is a professional corporate and event photographer. After studying photography at Bournemouth Art Institute for two years he worked as photography assistant for a few years then he set up James Gifford-Mead Photography in 2012. He mainly works in London throughout the week but he is available for jobs in any location throughout the UK. The type of photography he specialises in is corporate headshots, portraits and event photography.


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What a few recent clients have been saying

“Dear James, Thank you so much for sending these through so promptly. They are truly brilliant photos. You capture the crowd at the reception so well and make the space look fantastic and you can feel the atmosphere that was there through the photos which I think is brilliant” – Charlie, British Council

“Hello James, Was lovely to see you as always and the photos look fantastic.”- Cat, UCL University

Hi James, Thanks so much for getting those pictures to us so quickly – the photos are fantastic and we are really pleased. – Leila, Australian High Commission

James, Your PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! The best i have ever seen from 9 years at the festival! AMAZING. THANK YOU! – Harriet, Henley Literary Festival

Want to have a chat?


If you are interested in booking a shoot in or to check his availability then send James a message


When and how do I receive my final images?

I always aim to get your final images from your portrait or event shoot back to you within 48 hours. For event work I can easily get 10 or so images over to you a few hours after the event so you can use the images for social media and press releases. Over the last year I have been sending the files over to the client via dropbox so you can easily download and share the images. If you prefer getting a hard copy, I can arrange to send a disc over with the images in both high resolution (ideal size for printing) and low resolution set (ideal size for web use).

How do you edit my images?

I always shoot everything in raw so I can get the best out of the images. When I am back in the office I would colour correct, crop, edit each image in Lightroom then the images will be ready for uploading onto your online gallery or sent over to on a disc.

Are you insured?

Yes definitely! I have insurance cover for indemnity, liability and equipment.

Do you have a studio?

No I don’t have a studio, I work mainly on location so I can come to your place of work and set up my studio equipment within a suitable space. If you prefer having your portrait done in a studio then I can hire a studio and we arrange to have the shoot take place there.

How do I book a shoot with you?

You can email at photography@jamesgiffordmead.co.uk then we can set up a shoot and talk about what type of image you are looking for.

I can see on your website that you are London based does that mean you only work within the capital?

No I shoot all over the UK and I would also be available to shoot abroad as well.

What the best way of storing my images?

I always recommend that you back up your images on up to three different external hard drives.

How do we pay?

After you received the images, I would send a invoice through and this can be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice.

In three words how would you describe yourself?

Corporate Headshot London


James Gifford-Mead Photography is a Corporate Photographer in London